Blue Ridge Lake
Temp 83
Level  full
Clarity  12ft
Its been a great summer so far on Blue Ridge Lake . Cool mornings and sunny afternoons on this lake are hard to beat . The fishing has been good and pretty stable till this past week . The temps creeping up have started to push the fish offshore to deeper cooler water. The walleye will move out to offshore structure, rocky edges, and deeper grass beds .Deep diving crankbaits like a dt20 , or salmo freediver can really shine at these depths.  These areas are typically in the 50ft depth range just out from the late spring holding areas . So if you’ve been on fish and they are not there anymore just look a little deeper in the same area . This is a great time to spoon walleyes . We’ve been using the Lake Fork flutterspoons and the MOJO spoons with great success.  As always the walleye feed mainly in low light conditions, especially in this clear lake.
   The bass have been stacked up on just about every point . The super clear water has made getting them to commit a bit tricky at times. Early in the morning you can them to crash a top water or shallow jerk bait like a Zara spooks or Husky jerk in bright color options . After the sun’s up they tend to slide out to 20,25 ft waiting to ambush herring.  Match the hatch with shad raps , sebiles,  or any shad profile crank bait .  Look for the recreational traffic to slow a bit by mid month as school is starting back up and sports starting until be prepared to start early and leave early.