Temp 52
Clarity 3 ft
Level – 4ft
Carter’s has been fishing pretty well. The walleye are not schooled up but in small groups holding near the bottom on points and humps . Look for them under spots and stripers as well feeding on injured baits . Early morning and just after dark are the best times or on rainy and overcast days. Various sizes spoons  have been getting the job done as well as live baits. Camp branch and area around the beach have been holding good numbers of fish .
    The striper have been eating live baits on flat and down lines early in the creeks . Med size gizzards, big alewives and trout have all been catching fish . The fish seem to be scattered in all the creeks as there’s bait everywhere. We’ve been running 12lb fluorocarbon and 2/0circle hooks with good success in most cases . There’s also been some nice walleye mixed in with the stripers as well as the ever present spotted bass.