Temp 52
Level  down 16.5 ft
Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t catch fish .  In fact if you learn how fish act in the coldest times of the yr it can be a lot of fun . Vertical fishing is the name if the game for walleye . Spoons, jigs , minnows,  and soft plastics fished right in the fishes face is the best way to draw a strike . It’s a reaction strike but it’s a lot slower then in the fall . Short movements vs aggressive presentation is the way to go. For locating fish look for bait in an area and look for fish on the bottom just below it.  40 to 60ft has been the target zone .  Position the boat to make the most Vertical presentation you can with the wind and work around the area 20 to 30 ft in each direction.Dont spend too much time if your not getting bit . Be thorough and you will catch fish you never marked on the graph as they are too close to the bottom . Light and weather conditions really effect the walleye. Look for cloudy , overcast, or windy days to be best for numbers . Vary your colors for the weather conditions and your in business.  We have been seeing lots of 20to 22 inch fish with some bigger 24 to 25 inch fish mixed in.
Capt.Eric Crowley
Head Guide
Lake and Stream Guide Service