CartersLevel: 1.5 feet below 1074. Temp: 61 degrees. Clarity: 6 to 8 feet.

 “Carters has been fishing pretty good for the last month. Warmer temps have kept the bait in the creeks and kept the fish nearby. It has been more like springtime fishing than fall right now with mid 60s water temps. There’s been a good walleye bite working spoons, jigs and blade baits near points and structure in the creek arms. Most fish seem to be 40 to 60 feet deep tight to the bottom. Our average fish last month was 22 inches, but we did catch a bunch of small fish in the 10- to 15-inch size, which is a great sign for the future.”


  “The stripers have been holding in the creek arms, as well. Each creek has several giant schools of alewives, and each school is holding hungry stripers and hybrids. Live baits are always a good option, but don’t overlook the effectiveness of a chrome spoon. Jigging the spoon is one option. Power reeling is another. Parker spoons from the 1- to the 3.5-oz. size have all caught fish recently. As temps drop, I like to downsize the spoon a bit, but I never put all the Parker spoons away. Another good option for jigging is the JYG slow-pitch jigs. The 50-gram size in pink has been pretty effective on the striped fish.”