Blue Ridge Lake

Temp 51
Level -18 ft
Clarity 10ft
The warm weather we had in December kept the walleye bite solid all month .This has also kept the fish scattered vs stacking up like they typically do this time of year . There’s fish in shallow and deeper water . The smaller fish are up in the 20ft range roaming what’s left of the grass beds .  The bigger fish that we are targeting are still holding in the deeper water in the 50ft range on rock . Both seem to be feeding more on blue gill and small herring then anything else so matching the baits is easy . We are fishing vertical and using sonar to locate fish laying on the bottom. Don’t spend too much time on fish that don’t react keep moving till you find ones that do. As the water cools look for the fish to school up more and “stack up” on the main lake points and hold there feeding throughout the month.
   The bass bite has been downright ridiculous at times . On warm days the top water bite has been pretty good .There’s also big schools of fish are cruising the rocky drop offs looking to ambush schools of herring . They will absolutely destroy a 3/4oz spoon , live bait , or slow pitch jig worked right in the school.