Temp 84
Level full
Clarity 3 ft tops
   Waters warm , lots of boat traffic on the weekends, and the fish are deep , it’s summer time on Carter’s Lake . This means start early or fish at dusk or at night even to beat the heat and boat traffic. The bait is super thick again after the spawn so the fish are spread out as usual. The walleye are on the move from the creeks to the main lake points and humps looking for bait balls . They like to eat in low light situations where they have the advantage. Spoons, crank baits, live alewives or threadfins are all great options for targeting eyes this month . Get the baits to the fish holding just below the bait balls but off the bottom. These are the actively feeding fish. After sunrise look for them pinned to the bottom these fish with like a more vertical presentation where they don’t have to chase anything . chrome, purple, and orange seem to be the hot colors in June .
The striper have been feeding good from 5am to 9am in 50 to 60 ft of water . Live fresh alewives are still the preferred bait but not the only option. Light lines and small hooks always out produce heavy gear here . Move slow in the creek mouths targeting the bait balls early . After sunrise I like to throw out the Capt Macks URigs and pull them in the same areas around 3mph . Most all the creeks are holding fish right now so location isn’t that important. Some fish starting to show up in the river  looking to stay cool . Look for fish up here after big rains that attract the bait fish .
Spent a few days catching spots last week on top water . Great bite early around the bait balls on the main lake . Spooks, Sammies, even Buzz baits getting knocked out of the water by angry spots at sunrise is a great time . White baits seemed to get the most hits . Should last a few weeks.
Stay cool and stay safe .