Blue Ridge Lake
Temp 84
Level full
Clarity  6ft
Waters hot ,fish are deep ,and the bite is early its summertime and the temps and boat traffic are pretty much on par for this time of year. Neither are great but if you start early or fish late you can find plenty of quiet water . The walleye are offshore and holding tight to the bottom on deep ledges . The fish pinned to the lake and are not really interested in feeding but the ones just off the bottom are what you’re looking for. Specifically the ones just off the bottom near bait balls . You can catch these fish with a number of presentations from trolling to vertical jigging as it’s more of a timing thing then a presentation right now . Walleye are definitely more prone to feed in low light situations so cloudy days , rainy days , early and late in the day and at night . Color preference varies in these light conditions and can change fast as the day progresses so keep plenty of options handy . The fish are spread out over the main lake points , flats , and humps which there are a lot of on this lake .
   The trout bite has been consistent for me over the past couple weeks . Lots of fish in the 16 to 18″ size with a few bigger ones mixed in . This bite will taper off by the end of the month when the fish go super deep and don’t eat much . Look for trout in pockets and coves with bait early in the day before the sun pushed them out deep and they spread out .
 The spotted bass are  chowing down after a late spawn .They have been clobbering dark colored crank baits and chrome spoons fished on points or near brush out deep . The bite right before dark has been the best bite for us when we are targeting them . There’s still some top water action here and there but nothing consistent.