Blue Ridge Lake

Temp 71
Level full
Clarity 10ft
Is it Summertime already?  The last 2 months have been incredible.  One of the best spring fishing runs we have had in a few yrs . Lots of walleye were caught last month both day and night fishing . We had several fish in the 5 to 6lb range come on the boat recently just stuffed with herring . The bait spawn was great with lots of big walleye showing up to feast on the spawning Blue Backs . Now that the bait has spawned and spread back out over the main lake the walleye have followed them and are now set up in their favorite summer time locations.  Look for fish holding just offshore in cooler deeper water . 25 to 50ft will be the area of intrest . Look for bait on or around the major main lake points and flats . Crankbaits ,spoons , and live bait will all catch fish this month it really just depends on how you like to catch them . Some days they will chase down a crank or jerk bait and some days you may want to go vertical depending on their mood. Bandits,smithwicks, and shad raps are all at the top of the list for crankbait options and the Hopkins and krocolidle spoons are my go to vertical baits . As we get later into June you may want to look a little deeper during the day time as the sunlight can really penetrate the clear water of this lake or look in the grass beds in deeper water.
   The Spotted bass are done spawning and are out packing on the pounds for summer . Lots of activity at sunrise with fish chasing bait on the surface in the creeks and on the main lake in open water. We have been throwing top water plugs at them or flukes if you are close enough. Both have been drawing the attention of these hungry green fish . Cloudy days seem to draw the bite out a little longer vs the sunshine usually shutting it off early.  Star creek,green creek ,and the area around points 5 and 7 have been hot at sunrise.