Carters lake

Carters 72deg
Level full
Clarity  2ft
Last month was wide open on this big deep monster of a lake . The bait spawn was super fun as usual with lots of activity from multiple species . Walleyes ,big stripers and some magnum spots were all players last month. The walleye have been up shallow feeding really well at night from 5 to 20ft deep . The jerk bait/ crankbait bait was great last week and should continue for a while. Dark colored lures fished up against the shoreline has been our go to method.  During the day the walleyes are sliding down into 40 to 60ft of water avoiding the summer sunshine . Live alewives and night crawlers fished on a jig or a small circle hook is the best way to catch them during the daytime .
   The stripers have started heading deep in the last week as the temps rise .we are catching fish as deep as 50ft already and expect to see this continue as we go into summer . Live Fresh Alewives are still the choice of chamions to trick them on to your hook. We have started to down size leaders and hook size already . 12lb leaders ,1/0 hooks and 1.5 sinkers are working good right now . The bigger the baits the more attention they seem to get from the striped fish . As far as location goes the fish are still in the creeks early but are cruising humps and points after sun up. The night bite for stripers has been pretty good as well fishing over the green lights near the boat ramps.