May 2022
Temp 78
Level full
Clarity 10ft
The spring walleye bite is over and it’s on to summer time fishing on Lake Blue Ridge. The last few weeks we have been on a good shallow water bite but it tapered off last week and the transition is on .As the fish pull out of the shallows and the bait fish head offshore the walleye are spread out and are feeding on a typical summer time low light schedule. Mornings and evenings are best as well as after sunset. The fish are moving up and down shoreline contours following schools of blue backs and feeding when the opportunity presents itself. Because the fish are not stationary you can fish them a number of ways from spoons to crank baits , live baits , or jigs. What ever you have confidence in really . Find the contour depth the fish are holding on and follow it .  Bright colors cloudy days and dark colors on sunny days are very important. Having a large variety of tackle is a must when fishing this clear water lake as the fish can get pretty picky at times. Most fish are in the 40 to 50ft depth range in the day time .
  The trout bite has been getting better for a few weeks now and we have them dialed in pretty good . They are chasing the schools of bait around on the main lake and up in the river till around 10am then they go deep. Again live bait or artificial fished near the schools of blue backs is the way to go . Trout like shiny things . Gold , silver , or any combination of as well as combined with live bait. We have seen some fish as big as 23inches recently. These fish never stop moving so figuring them out can be tricky .