Temp 64

Level full +/-6ft
Clarity 6ft
Carter’s in Nov is the start of fall fishing. The stripers and hybrids will pull up a bit shallower this month and this makes them good targets for live bait , artificial,and trolling options.  It’s hard to beat fresh caught bait for striped fish but the big spoons can be just as productive. The 6.5″ parker spoon in shatter glass has been hot !  Look for groups of suspended fish holding near big pods of herring and shad in the creeks 35 to 55 ft deep over slightly deeper bottom. Light leaders and small hooks are a must in Nov with the clearer water .
        Walleye are schooled up and holding near timber around predominant humps on the main lake . The 60ft depth contour seems to be the most productive. Live bait and flutter spoons are the ticket . Don’t spend to much time in one place, give them a chance to eat . If they don’t eat move on to the next mark . The areas around camp branch and doll mountain are the areas to start looking.