Temp 59
Level -4ft
Clarity 8 ft
The never ending turnover has finally finished and the lakes fishing pretty good . The walleye are holding near timber and on humps in 50 to 70ft of water . Precise vertical presentations are a must or your gonna be in the trees. Heavy spoons,jigs,or live bait rigs dropped right on their heads is what ya want to do. The bite isn’t consistent day to day but when it’s on its on .
    The stripers have pulled up a bit and seem to be doing Normal striper stuff for December. Early morning feed and then spread out and cruise the open water . Good to have a variety of bait sizes this time of year . Somedays they want big herring next day it’s little 3″ baits that get all the attention. We are mixing bait sizes and presentations with surface baits ,down lines at 35 and 50ft ,even pulled some planer boards with I single split shot the other morning and caught one. There’s fish and bait in every creek so you can really fish anywhere right now that you’re marking life on the sonar.