Blue Ridge October

Temp 73
Level at winter pool -18ft
Clarity 15ft
Fall is here and the walleye bite is too. Jigs , spoons, bait , anything you like fishing will catch walleye in the next month or so.  Find fish laying on the bottom and hit em in the face. That’s the go method this month. Good electronics are key to locating these fish as they will be pinned to the mud . Subtle bumps on the bottom is all you will see till they move . Getting your offering within a foot or so is they way to get bit. Work the area and move on. Covering water and hitting as many productive areas as you can will increase your odds greatly. If it looks like it could be a fish, fish it . I can’t tell you how many times a bump becomes a walleye , or two, or more . Fall is a great time of year to catch a limit of quality fish on your favorite spoon or jig n minnow combination. These fish will be feeding the last hour before sunrise till around 9am and again at dark.
   After sunrise the yellow perch will get fired up looking to pack on some weight for their upcoming spawn season. These daytime feeders will eat minnows, worms, spoons, jigs or a combination of any or all the above. Oct is a great month for perch in both numbers and size . Fish in the 16 to 18″ range are not uncommon. While most fish avg 10″  to 12″ there’s no limit on perch but we only keep quality and set a goal/ limits for each trip.
  The lakes at winter pool and there are no usable docks at any ramp . Also please be aware of shallow water hazards like shoals and sand bars that can be just a few inches under the surface. Stay warm and stay safe we will see you on the water . For more up to date reports and info visit us at

Temp 75
Level+/-6 ft from full
Clarity 7 ft
Early turnover last month has the fish set up in a early fall pattern. This means the walleye are headed for shallower , not shallow but shallower water then they have been in since June. 50 to 60 ft humps and big points are the place to be if you’re a walleye . The bait is grouped in giant schools on the main lake and the fish are just waiting to feed as these schools pass over head . Low light conditions are prime feeding times for these fish so early and late in the day are times to focus on. Look for fish on the bottom or just off the bottom under these bait balls and drop the spoons . Some days it’s small heavy spoons like a krocodile spoon where some days they only seem to want the flutter spoons . From small 2″ spoons to a 8″ Parker spoon and color preference varies from chrome to gold depending what kind on water your in that day . I use the term “hit them in the face ” a lot because that’s what it takes to trigger the bite some times when you’re trying to get them to bite your offering vs the abundance of bait on the lake . This is a great time of year to catch some real quality fish. Avg fish have been 22″ and some bigger ones mixed in up to 25″ have been caught on the spoons .
  The striper bite has picked up considerably since the temps dropped. The fish are feeding 35 to 50ft deep in the creek arms chasing schools of threadfins and alewives at day break as the bait makes a run for deeper water . Live fresh shad or alewives are always a great option and typically the bigger the better . Umbrella rigs and bucktails are still an option fished about 3mph as well as the same spoons mentioned above.