Blue Ridge

OCT 2023
Temp 77
Level -6  ft
Clarity 9ft
       Ahhhhctober , with hunting season ,football season, youth sports,and school in session the lakes been pretty empty of boat traffic. Which is a nice change after the last few months.  This is also when we get our first real cold fronts of the year . These fronts can really fire up the bite before and during a storm and shut it down on those beautiful blue bird days just after . With the falling water temps and working around the weather fronts we like fish vertical in fall and this month will start ” jigging season ” for walleye.   The weapon of choice is Jigs ,spoons , jig n minnow or plastic anything you can fish straight up and down and ” in their face” is what we are doing . Having good sonar is key . Finding fish , getting the bait to them quickly,  presenting it and moving on if you don’t get bit or working the area if you do is the plan . Cover water and move pretty quick . The fish will be in on the bottom anywhere from 20 to 50ft deep depending on where the sun is and where the bait is holding.  Humps , points ,shoals, old grass flats, and rip rap structure will be holding walleye. Look for ” bumps” on the bottom and try to hit them. We have been seeing some really quality fish all summer and can’t wait to see them fatten up for the fall. Be cautious as water levels continue to drop and the there’s construction on the dam.