Blue Ridge Lake

Temp 83
Clarity 10ft
Level – 3 ft from full ( draw down will start soon)
Sept can be hot sticky mess but this lake has an amazing cold water river that feeds it. The Toccoa river feeds blue ridge lake and this is great place to be this month.from point 5 up to Tilley bend will hold a variety of fish this month. The one we concentrate on is the walleye.  The fish should be along the river channel bends holding near 60ft of water on the bottom . The type of bottom will vary but typically rocky bottom is what you’re looking for. We like to fish this fish with spoons , jigs,and live worms .  It’s a pretty easy system.  Find the fish ,give them your bait of lure.  If they don’t react to it go find the next fish. Covering water till you find active fish is key right now vs trying to get a fish to bite . The more ground you cover the more fish you will catch. On cloudy days look shallower and post front blue bird sky days the fish will always be deep on this clear mountain lake . The bass bite has picked up a lot with plenty of nice size spotted bass coming to the boat . We have been trolling and casting the Cast Prodigy 4.1 for walleye and spots in white as well as the  purple color options. Rigging these with a 1/4 or 3/8 jig head will keep them just off the bottom .  Slow rolling them over points or humps just off or tapping bottom has been a tip producer .