Carters Sept

 temp 83

Clarity 6 ft
Level full
September is always an interesting month on Carters Lake. The end of summer is nearing and it’s like the fish now it’s coming.  This month will open up several options for walleye fishing . You can still catch them deep on spoons vertically or trolling crank baits but , there’s fish in shallow water too. Humps , points, shoals, anywhere in that 30 to 50 range that has bait congregated around it will attract walleyes over the next month or so. They are feeding on the 3 to 4″  Alewives so your bait selections need to mimic them . One bait we’ve had great success on this past month was the Cast Prodigy 4.1 swimbaits in the chartreuse as well as white colors. We’ve been fishing them a few different ways from casting to trolling them and they are producing fish .
  The striper bite has been steady fishing fresh live baits . Standard summer time stuff fishing over the Hydroglows early then down lining baits on light leaders and small circle hooks just off the bottom of over the trees in 50 to 60ft . Start early cause the bite definitely slows as the day goes on . Look fir fish in open water after mid day . These are great fish to show a Capt Mack’s umbrella rig or mini mack rig too. There’s some giant hybrids still lurking in this lake. They are mixed in with the stripers in the same areas